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Reply Gordon Parkes
5:54 AM on December 2, 2017 

Hi , my half brother,Denis Parkes was on board I believe at the tome of the collsion .I have been trying to attach a pic of him on your survivors association but with no joy. The pic I have of him is as a PO.

Any help would be appreciated.

I last met Denis in Sydney when I was HMS victorious when we visited aus in the late 60s.

Reply Narelle Holcomb
9:52 PM on October 21, 2017 

Good afternoon,

My name is Narelle Holcomb, I used to be Narelle Cameron and I helped my father, Ken Taylor build the model of HMAS Voyager currently on display at Cockatoo island in Sydney. Ken has since passed away and I now own the model, it was his wish that the model be put up for sale.

As you would be aware the model took some 10 years to build, has over 45,000 seperate parts and is correct in every detail.

I am wonderting if any Association members would be able to assist with the sale and would be glad to hear from you in the near future.

Best regards,

Narelle Holcomb 

Reply Kim (scruffy) CASAS
1:28 AM on May 5, 2017 

just returned from Kalbarri,found out Les (Swampy)MOORFOOT ex LEMP and survivor passed away sometime in the last 2 years.

There are 2 photo's of hm n the bar of the Kalbarr Hotel. He was a regular at Happy Hour'

Reply Karen Kahler
8:04 PM on February 28, 2017 

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. My cousin was lost on the Voyager (Ord Seaman Ronald "Ronnie" WOODWARD) R62486. As a stoker it is thought he would have been on duty when the accident happened.

I would like to create a Memorial badge for Ronnie when I march with my husband who is a Vietnam Vet. While I have his service details - he had just signed up for 9yrs but only served 6mths before the tragedy. My question, does anyone know if he would have been entitled to any medal? Thank You Karen

Reply Mark Manning
4:49 PM on February 25, 2017 

Hi guys

My name is Mark Manning, the surname may be familiar to some of you, Bernard Manning, known as Bernie to you lot, was my brother. He passed away about 3 years ago and has been intured at HMAS Ceribus in Victoria. I hope I have the correct spelling for that! I don't know when your next runion is, but hope those left are all well.  

Reply Stephen Harrison
1:02 PM on October 4, 2016 

Hello Les, I am the son of Frank Garforth Harrison who was an Engineer Mechanic on the Voyager when it sunk,he was in hospital at the time and was not on board when the collision took place but sadly passed away on the 12 April 1993 at the age of 64. I can still remember the ship comming into Garden Island and my Mum trying to point him out from the line of crew.

Reply Les
1:41 AM on July 27, 2016 

Hello Chris - I am the webmaster and also know Ian very well. In fact Ian and I worked with the same Computer Company in Melbourne for several years before I up and left for the Qld division of the same Company. I do have Ian on my Voyager database and contact details but due to the Governments privacy act I cannot give you those details here but can contact Ian and ask of him if he has no objections to my passing the contact information to you in which case I will email you and provide the information.

Les (Webmaster) 

Reply Mike Witcher
2:58 AM on July 23, 2016 

Where Fate Calls, the book by Tom Frame, ISBN 0 340 54968 8, lists Ordinary Seaman I.L. Smith as a survivor. I had drafted off before the tragedy, but cannot recollect an Ian Smith from my time in Pussers.


10:02 PM on July 22, 2016 

Hi, I am an ex CPOCOX O/N r106160.  I am attempting to find an old acquaintance that may have been a survivor of the Voyager tragedy.  As a young lad visiting my aunt in Hamilton Victor my mates brother was a sailor and he influenced me into joining the RAN.  His name was Ian Smith of HMAILTON VIC and lived in Brown st and that's all I have.  Can you assist?  Thank You

Reply sondra speed
8:42 AM on February 17, 2016 

Can Don Johnson please contact me on 0458168009

Reply Les
2:38 AM on February 9, 2016 

Hi All - A late request for the Memorial service to be held in Melbourne.
Please see Don Barker's message below


Les - Webmaster


Hi Les,

There is a memorial service to be held in the Sanctuary of the Shrine in Melbourne on Wed. 10th commencing at 10am.
This service is to commemorate both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.
Can you please put it out there to the Victorians.
Last year the Scrap Iron Flotilla members out numbered us of Voyager 2. (Only 4 of us) so it would be good to get a few more along.

Sorry about the short notice, but they on got confirmation on the time from the Shrine this morning.


Don Barker

Reply Les
7:09 PM on February 3, 2016 

Hi Les,

Just letting you know that next Wednesday, 10th February, St Andrew’s Lutheran Church will be saying prayers for both the deceased and survivors of the Voyager tragedy, as well as for those who were on HMAS Melbourne at the time.

The Service starts at 6:30 pm and finishes at 7:30 pm.

The address is corner Turbot, Wharf and Ann Streets, Brisbane City. Opposite Cathedral Square.

All are welcome if you want to put this on your website.


Odd Steinar


Reply Les
11:17 PM on January 31, 2016 

HMAS VOYAGER Memorial Service 10 FEB 2016 Perth Kings Park



A Memorial Service is being held on the 10th at the Voyager Seat in Perth.

All within the area and free are very welcome to attend.


"The Perth "Voyager" memorial service will be held at the "Voyager" bench, Kings Park @ 11.00 on Wed 10Feb16. All welcome."



ex Voyager Greenie

Reply Les
8:03 PM on January 31, 2016 


Hi Les,

Sorry about the short notice, but I believe you are having a Voyager Reunion in Launceston at the end of the month.

The Devonport/Ulverstone Sub Section of NAA are holding a Memorial Service for Voyager, and I would like to invite any Voyager crew who may be in Tassie earlier, to our Service.

Venue: Shropshire Park Ulverstone

Date: Wednesday 10th February 2016

Time: 1030 for 1100 Hrs

Floral Tributes / Wreaths may be laid at the Service.

Could you please distribute to your members.

Yours aye,

Derek President Dev/Ulv sub section NAA


Les -Webmaster


Reply Geoff Mackie
6:33 PM on January 18, 2016 

Mary Mackie

Geoff and I are going to attend the reunion in Feb. This will be a first for us. And you are right, the Voyager survivors were treated badly, swept under the carpet you could say.

I'm looking forward to the reunion, maybe the start of a new day for us.


Reply Les
9:20 PM on January 12, 2016 

HMAS Voyager Commemoration Service


St Mary’s Anglican Church, Kangaroo Point will be holding a Voyager Commemoration service on Sunday 7 February 2016 at 9.00am.

We extend a warm welcome to you both to attend this service and ask that you advise other interested members of the Naval community about this service.

An invitation has been sent to Commander Tedman and we have requested a colour party and Band.

Kind regards

Kym Markwell

Office Administrator

Parish of Kangaroo Point

Saint Mary's Anglican Church



Telephone: 07 3391 4071 (Office); 07 3391 5223 (Fax)


Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9.00am-2.30pm


Reply Les
6:27 PM on December 24, 2015 

MERRY Christmas to all - May you all enjoy a safe, healthy anf happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.......Les Sheehan 

Reply Mike Witcher
1:24 AM on November 30, 2015 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Mike Witcher

Reply David MacLean
6:56 AM on August 19, 2015 

Great site Les

Reply Yvonne Pendreigh
9:38 PM on August 18, 2015 

My last message should have read "my husband had been on HMAS Quickmatch".  He was actually at Cerberus at the time of the collision.