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Website Links:-

QUO FATA VOCANT  True Translation of HMAS Voyager Ship's Motto
HMAS Watson Chapel  - Weddings, Births and Deaths services for serving and ex service personal - See website for all details

Navy Sea Power Centre - Australia

Navy Bereavement Pin  NBP page on the Navy website
Lost Medals Site assists in returnig lost medals
HMAS Sydney Underwater Video Broadband Connection preferable
HMAS SYDNEY Memorial Site   Excellent rare Video clip and large number of photos  
Ahoy - Mac's Web Log  Lot's of Interesting Naval information re WW2 
ANVVAA    Australian Navy in Vietnam Veterans Association

Royal Australian Navy Rate Badges
  Details and images of RAN Rate Badges (undergoing constant updates)
Rooty Hill  (Rooty Hill and Districts NAA Sub-Section - Home of the Keelhauler News Letter)

ADFA  (Asbestos diseases foundation Australia)

MESOTHELIOMA (USA Website on related asbestos diseases)

MESOTHELIOMAGROUP (Mesothelioma Support Group)

Navy Victoria Network (Website providing general Navy related information and news)