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KALLANGUR Feb 7th 2015
Details of the plaques and murals being unveiled at Kallangur on the 7th will be added to the Voyager and FESR website forums as soon as possible.
Photos of the plaques to be unveiled will be in the forum as soon as I have them set for upload.
Please keep a watch on the forums for all details as they come to hand.
You are welcome to email me (Les - webmaster) for information.
Please keep the 7th clear for this important service. 

HMAS VOYAGER SERVICE Feb 2012 - Brisbane

The regular anniversary service held at St. Mary's Anglican Church, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane will be held on the 12th February, 2012 at 0900 hrs.


All ex-Voyager crew as well as serving and ex service persons are invited to attend. The church would like to see as many as possible turn up for this very special service.


Voyager Day - WA 2012

Post 10th February 2012 Voyager Seat, Kings Park, Perth WA

The following is two extracts from the VLSVA Assoc. of WA "LOGSUP" journal.

Voyager memorial day will be held at Kings Park on the 10th February 2012. It would be nice if we could have a large number of members at this most important memorial.

Service will be held on Friday 10th February 2012 at 11:00a.m. in Kings Park. (Saw Avenue) We are hoping that Father Barry May will be able to take the service. The Voyager banner will be paraded. Members are asked to bring a picnic, some refreshments and don't forget your chairs.

The above two sections are quoted from the "LOGSUP" journal. So people, if you are on the road and within reasonable distance then make an effort to join in with the rest at Kings Park.

Please contact Patrick (Paddy) Peard 08 9448 6441- President of VLSVA Assoc. WA
Tom McLaren 08 9444 3140 - Social Organiser



February 2012
Please check the Forum for all details related to the re-dedication of the Voyager Memorial.
The weekend should be a very memorable one for all attending the event.

Just a note to say thank you to all who attended the Brisbane 2011 Reunion and RAN Centenary celebration.
It was a pleasure to see so many attend and to join in the special Church Memorial Service on the Sunday.
The Church service held at St. Mary's Anglican Church, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane was lead by Fr. Stephen Redhead (Rector of St. Mary's)
Also in attendance was Fr. Bill Pearson (Retd) former RAN Chaplain and ex Voyager crewman Fr. John Brooker.
The newly created Voyager Memorial flag was brought into the Church by A/B Bill Cresswell GA2 RAN (Retd) and handed to
Rear Admiral Rothesay Swan OA, CBE, RAN (Retd) who in turn passed the flag to Fr. Stephen before being placed in it's position in the Warrior Chapel,
Also in attendance was Lt. Cmdr Matthew Rowe, representing the Govenor of Queensland,
Commander Lachlan King, Commanding Officer Naval Headquarters, South Queensland
several HMAS Voyager survivors and many ex HMAS Voyager crew..

Church Service
Celebrant & Preacher:    The Reverend Stephen Redhead
Assisting Clergy:             The Reverend John Brooker; Rev’d Bill Pearson
Leader:                           John Fraser
Crucifer:                         Jacky Garnsworthy
Liturgical Assistant I:       Di Hutchins
Liturgical Assistant  11:   Todd Simpson
Server:                           Andrew Keyt
Old Testament Reading:  Rear Admiral Ross Swan (Retd)
New Testament Reading: Commander  Lachlan King RAN

The Naval Prayer:                      The Reverend JohnBrooker
The Naval Ode:                          Mr Alan Hellier
Organist and Director of Music:  Christopher Wrench
Director of Choral Music:           Emily Cox
Band:                                        Queensland Detachment of the Royal Australian Navy Band
Bandmaster:                              Chief Petty Officer Musician Andrew Stapleton
Flowers:                                    Pam Hendy, Jan Skennerton,  Jan  Neilsen
Colour Guard and Voyager flag escort:    ANC


Please see the entry for Australia Zoo in the Forum

Hi Voyagers,

The final touch to the Voyager All Crews reunion held in Ballina in February 09.

A PDF file (marysville.pdf) 3 pages, with short description of event and photos of the generosity of those who attended to consider the donation of the residual account to those in need following the Bush Fires in Victoria. To downoad the pdf file - right click the link and select "save target as".
The PDF file also has a copy of the reply letter from the School and a appreciation certificate. 

A cheque to the amount of $2,500 + Voyager Crest +  Framed A4 canvas print of Voyager was donated to the Marysville Primary School on October 6th 2009.

Thank you all for making the unanimous decision to make this donation to a really worthy cause.
Image of the Voyager plaque presented to the Marysville School


The application submitted for approval to march with our HMAS Voyager All Crews banner in the ANZAC Day Parade 2010 has been accepted and we will march with the banner and positioned in the Order of the March with the DDG & Daring Class Assn. at serial 34

We are expecting to organise a BBQ lunch and drinks afterwards at the Queensland Maritime Museum. 


Ballina Naval Maritime Museum have now finalised the display stand for


This is a picture of the new display including the items donated during the 2009 reunion. Full credit to their supportive role and appreciation by all Voyagers.




Jenny (Jenny's Side Party) Bem

Click this link to see full information on Jenny - I included it on the Voyager Forum Website

RIP - Jenny



  • 1st Prize - value $650 - 36" x 24" Colour Canvas Framed print of D04 - Brian Wheeler
  • 2nd Prize - value $650 - Large mounted frame images and medals D31 & D04 - Jack Aaron
  • 3rd Prize - value $399 - Dreampot powerless cooker - Bruce Cresswell
  • 4th Prize - value $450 - 3 Nights Voyager Resort on Gold Coast - John Cull



to all who attended the HMAS Voyager All Crews reunion in Ballina and making it a very successful and totally enjoyable venue. Many items have been donated to the Ballina Maritime Naval Museum and added to the Voyager display stand.

The next reunion is likely to be in WA but details will be made available as soon as possible.

Photo's and video clips will be added to the Website as soon as possible.


Hello everyone,

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who attended the All Crews Reunion and making it a very successful and memorable occasion. You have made our two years of committee work worthwhile and rewarding knowing it was a great success.

For those who were unable to attend for one reason or another we wish you well and hope we catch up with you all at the next one.

At this point in time it is most likely going to be held in WA but more details of this will be posted on the Website when it come to hand.

Can I impose upon you all to provide me with copies of photos you took during the reunion and send them to me in Emails please. The larger the file the better. If you have too many to Email can you send them on CD please. Please specify if you want your CD returned. If you send pictures via snail mail then please specify if you want them returned. If possible please supply comments such as names etc so as I can add that to them in the Website.

If anyone managed to video part or all of the Saturday night especially the Admirals speech could you send me a copy of it on a DVD please. I would like to post copies of photos on the Website as well as streaming Video clips for all to see.

As I was busy most of the evening in the equipment control room I missed many parts but could hear everyone enjoying the evening.


Below is a copy of Email messages received to date


David & Jan Hearse

Dear Les, we would like to thank you and the committee for all of your hard work and organisation that made the reunion such a great success

Kind regards

Bill & Jan Hearse


Jan Abraham

Dear Les, Heartfelt thanks to you for all you have done, also to the Committee, and all involved in the Ballina Reunion. It was a wonderful and touching experience. It was good to catch up with some long-lost friends, and also to make some new ones. You've done a superb job, Kind regards, Jan.


Paul Elliott

Hi  Les,
Once again many thanks for a wonderful weekend in Ballina and I bet you and Irene were relieved when the last ex-Voyager Crew member left your town. 2009 Voyager reunion was a credit to the committee and a special thanks to the wife's and sweetheart's (may they never meet) behind that committee.
I have attached a photo of myself for the DVD cover and now look forward to receiving the DVD. ( receipt No 51)
Best regards and hope to see you in WA.

Paul Elliott

Brad Stead

HI Les, thanks to you and the committee for a terrific couple of days, it was a real professional affair.
Give my congrat's to all those involved.   ....Regards Brad Stead
Maurice (Boris) Kriss

Dear Les, I wish to congratulate you and your team for a splendid reunion, After all these years since we were in ‘pussers’, it is terrific to know that we still know how “ to take charge”. It is the team spirit that we as ex-servicemen have which is sadly lacking in the wider community that really sets us apart. Even at this stage of our lives each one of us knows that we can be called upon and relied upon if required. Well done again. If I can be of any assistance to the Perth reunion, count me in. Best wishes Maurice (Boris) Kriss.
Les White

Les, I think you got one thing wrong, it should be us the participants, that issues the big thankyou for a job very well done by you and the organising committee. It was a credit to the Ballina Organising Committee and I’m sure everyone would join me in sending you all a heartfelt thankyou. Cheers and Best Wishes Les White  
Ian & Shirley Swain

Thanks to YOU Les for a great weekend of events, we loved it all and will send you the photos when I've edited them all!!
Shirley & Ian Swain
Graeme & Marlene Ferguson

Hi Les,
            Thank you for your message of thank you, but I like the others who attended the Voyager reunion at Ballina on the weekend 13th -15th February 2009, believe it is a little the other way round.
I would not know where to start with the thank you's for the wonderful job, all you people on the committee have performed in the preparation and execution of the reunion.
Although everyone I spoke to, thought it was the best ex-Navy reunion they had ever been to, I don't believe they had a lot of understanding of the work you people put into this, you alone have been ill, but have managed to do such a wonderful job on the web-page and getting it out there to the people, Bernie & Anita have put in an outstanding performance in their part, especially getting an Admiral to attend and what can I say about our Master of Ceremonies, Admiral,come clown, Bill, just blue the show away with that uniform and introduction.
Once again thank you all for the parts you played in a grand Voyager reunion.
Best Regards
Graeme & Marlene Ferguson
Vern & Catherine Bechaz

Hi Les,
The pleasure really was ours. What a fantastic weekend.
OUR thanks goes to yourself, your committee and all your helpers for making the weekend a time to remember. Bloody well done you lot.
It was an ideal location for such an event, close to everything.
Met some lovely people and Catherine really enjoyed herself.  Big plus.
Am thinking of going to the all ships reunion next time.  When please??
Again, THANK  YOU  Les for a great time.
Will check camera for pics.
Vern and Catherine  Bechaz.
Harvry & Daphne Mills

Congratulations and Bravo Zulu.
I don't think any more words would make it any better!!
Our Best to You All.
Daphne and Harvey.
C.C. Bill and Nora-Lee Battersby
Brian Barry

Congratulations to all concerned a memorable occasion. May the next one be as good.

A BIG thank you to all the salts and their PEPPER MAIDS.

Brian Barry
Gavin Ryan

Hi Les,
I am very pleased to hear the reunion went off so well. Once again I am sorry I couldn't be there.
You were putting together a CD of photos etc which I understand were to be included in the attendees' kits.
Are these available for purchase?
Cheers mate
Gavin Ryan
Brian McNamara

Thanks Les for thinking of me, good to hear it was a great success. Say gooday to Bernie when you next see him for me please.

Hi Anita, Les and Committee Members,

Congratulations on a fantastic Reunion at Ballina, you did us all proud!

We are in awe of your organistion of the whole event and your untiring efforts to make it such a memorable experience; thank you
Martin has chosen the attached photo for his copy of the DVD and we hope it will be okay; it spent many years in my wallet. It was taken not long before he left the Navy.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon,
Martin and Margaret Harris


I couldn't agree more than what has already been said
The committee and volunteer workers provided a very memorable re-union and our heartfelt thanks go out to you all
So great to catch up with so many old shipmates.....Thanks for the memories

Doc Rice


Denis (Pony) Moore

Hi Les,
We arrived home today and are slowly catching up with all that stuff which accumulates quickly while you are away.
Thanks to you and the committee for a great reunion. Your efforts are much appreciated and I am sure that most people attending had a wonderful weekend. If they didn't, then they only have themselves to blame.
I have yet to view the photos that we took, but will try to check them out and probably send a CD to you in the near future.
Thanks for the shot of Dawn and me.
I'll catch up shortly, but for now just wanted to express my appreciation to the committee for a great weekend.


10 - 2 -2009

This is Voyagers day of Remembrance for the loss of 82 lives

10 - 2 - 1964

Lest We Forget


Special message to let everyone know 

GUEST of  HONOUR  for the Reunion

Chief of Navy - Vice Admiral Russ Crane, AM, CSM, RAN  



Please note that Voyagers are invited to march in the Anzac Day March in Brisbane 2009.

We will be marching under our Voyager Banner (image below) and attached to DDG - Daring Assoc.

This will be the first time Voyagers in Brisbane will march under their Voyager banner.

Further information will be posted as soon as possible

We would like to see as many ex Voyagers as possible turn up for this...     


12 - 1 - 2009

Ballina Maritime Museum is a must visit for all those passing through during January - March 2009 and those who will be attending the All Crews Reunion for HMAS Voyager D31 & D04.

They have created a special display of HMAS Voyager including a large detailed model of D04 especially for the All Crews Reunion.

Several items will be on the main display stand just inside the main entrance to the Musem during January / February / March and after that the display will be repositioned to include additional items provided from the reunion. PLEASE SUPPORT their effort by ensuring you visit the Museum. A special DVD has also been created for the Museum to run on the stand.

One of several photographs of the display stand in main entrance to Ballina Maritime Museum

Don't forget the camera so as you can have a picture taken of yourself beside the stand.


4 - 11 - 2008

Just a quick reminder to all who have registered to attend and maybe registered through Sharon only for accommodation that full payment is now required for the re-union.  If you have registerd with Sharon for accommodation only and made no registration to attend the reunion functions then you should do so quickly. Forms for the reunion can be completed on line via the menu page. If you could send your payment (LESS YOUR DEPOSIT) via cheque  or  money order made out to :- 


HMAS VOYAGER ALL CREWS RE-UNION 2009 and post directly to:


Graham Burns



16 La Salle Drive






RAFFLE for the reunion now total in excess of $1,500. There is three major items in the main raffle draw for Saturday evening and several minor prizes. Prizes not listed in any specific order. Photo's of the prizes will be added in the next week or so. Regrettably those people on no internet access will not be aware of this.


30  x 20 inch Framed Colour Canvas print of HMAS Voyager D04  Value $650-00

Framed 3D plaque on Voyager I & II. (Photo of plaque below) Donated by Vern Bechaz  Value $650-00

Dreampot Powerless Cooker  Donated by Barry Green  Value$399-00

Voyager resort accommodation (3 nights)  Value $450-00

Gift from Ballina Dream Weaver Gallery  Value $150-00

Senegence Lip collection donated by Marlene Ferguson Value $72-00

Several minor prizes  Total value more than $600-00 Donated by All crews Committee, Voyager Estate.


More than 3 prizes in total to be won by all supporting the raffle.

All people not attending are welcome to purchase tickets - 1 for$2, 3 for $5 or 7 for $10

Payment to "HMAS VOYAGER ALL CREWS REUNION 2009", send to:-


Bernie Verwayen

P.O Box 6119

Mooloolah Valley QLD 4553


Graham Burns

16 La Salle Drive

Scarborough QLD 4020 

(Please include postage costs of 60c - Thank you)




VOYAGER I & II FRAMED display (One of the Raffle main prizes)





To set some peoples minds at ease. I will not be closing down this Website and Forum after the reunion in Ballina. Some menus will temporarily become unavailable and some wording changed. I intend to maintain the Website for the benefit of incoming Committee members so that they will have a Internet medium to communicate information relative to the next reunions. The committe's will only need to feed me the information they require to be posted for all to view and interact with.

I will, however, require the incoming committee in each case to make the annual Website payment necessary for the hosting and bandwidth requirement. Our current dollar situation will cause a increase in the upcoming payment which is due each February.

Regards to all

Les - Webmaster/Administrator

The home page at the very bottom contains a EMAIL link to me. 


Hi Voyagers,

The signed plaque (Wooden plaque with Bell and Ship's Profile) will be at the Voyager Reunion in Ballina and being presented to the Ballina Museum. It currently has the signatures and O/N's of many who have signed it in the past and at previous reunions. For those attending the reunion for the first time and have never added their name to it you will be asked to do so.

The small commissioning bell attached to the plaque was gratefully donated by William (Bill) Liddle and I know Bill is eagerly awaiting the moment to get a photo of the project. The ship's profile is a result of Bill Battersby's strategy and work. Thanks guys.

We aim to make the plaque available to future reunions but it must be returned to the Ballina Museum afterwards.

Here is a picture but the project has a few changes to be added including a machine engraved plate with 82 names across the front edge of the main base. The engraving is being done within the next couple of weeks. The commissioning bell is being mounted on the main base in front of the profile cutout of Voyager.The plaque has many names already added but I am sure there will be many more added at the reunion.



Another special project is underway for the reunion and the person doing this will remain annonymous until the Saturday Evening of the reunion. I can say that it will be quite a surprise and well worth the effort and time to create.

For those attending the reunion it will be quite a surprise to see the finished project.


A very welcome framed item (Voyager Orientated) will be on display in the Function room at the Reunion and afterwards being donated to

Ballina Maritime Museum. The item has now been finished and ready for the Reunion.

The name of the person making it possible is Brad (Steady) Stead 

Wording on Plaque

Donated by


All Crews Reunion Committee 2009

To Ballina Maritime Museum


Just to refresh memories - Some of the names on the FLAG are:-

Joe Turner, Ocker Collins, Jack Aaron, Barry Evans, Wally Priddle.

The Flag was signed in 4 Mess on Voyager in 1962 in Japan.   


A file for downloading has been added to the Download menu. It is a preview of the DVD under development. The preview shows the first few frames of a 12 minute DVD chapter on HMAS Voyager I Tribute. The DVD when finished will contain three chapters including one for HMAS Voyager II. You will need to use a Password to unzip the file. You can Email Les if you have a question.



We greatfully appreciate the donation of a HMAS Voyager All Crews Banner by Jim & Nena Smith.

They have created our own banner and donated it to our group. The banner will be on display at the reunion and is also the one under which we march in various events. Below is a picture of the banner.